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Classic Cuts

These are classic men's hairstyles with a modern twist, combine the best of the past with the latest trends. 

FreeStyle Design

What is Freestyle Design?

To me it's creating freely, improvising as you go and expressing your mind with no limits. Using every part of the hair to create art.

There are many ways to create a hair design,  depending on which style of design used or combination you put  together, it will give you a different style of design.

Kids Cuts

It's important to invest in your kids lives! Some good ways are to teach them good hygiene, self-confidence and style.
Barbers and stylists are perfect references for this kind of job. We help kids
develop and understand those little things in life that could make a drastic change in their futures. 
 Getting to know my kid clients is one of the best parts of my job! They all have a
 unique sense of humor that brings life into this world. I try to build a relationship with them and get to know them individually. I also help the parents mold them in to their best-selves.
Man Getting a Haircut


 This section is not for everyone!  For those that appreciate this type of work or want a unique twist to spice up their lives. I accommodate every design according to your lifestyle and character. Everyone is different therefore every design is distinctive from the next.
Barber Shop
Whether you want a high or low fade, cool hair design, or hard part, these classic men's hairstyles can acommodate just any tweak you can think of.

The goal with this webpage is to bring you experience on the classic hairstyles and haircuts. Provide you with information, advice, tips and pictures to act as reference for all your styling needs as classic gentlemen. It doesn't matter where you come from or what you work as, any male can benefit  from any of the classic hairstyles. In fact, you can very well be a modern gentleman, yet still wear a classic hairstyle.

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