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Anthony Diaz

Professional Barber/Stylist dedicated and passionate about his craft. Becoming the best at what I do is an understatement!  

Barbering has been in my life since I was a kid. Of course I had different hobbies growing up like boxing and other sports, but I knew from the beginning I loved to cut hair. The feeling I got from making people feel the best they ever felt was priceless! I've always been creative, open minded and willing to learn. To me, there's no limits. I want to expand my skill set, perfect them all, become masterful and someday  pass on the knowledge I have gathered over the years to those that are truly passionate.

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Becoming a cosmetologist was a twist in my career. I wasn't satisfied with what I knew and wanted to be different from everything I was use to. I had an idea, made a plan and proceeded step by step. I went to Branford Academy of Hair and Cosmetology and developed a whole new set of skills that would mold me in to the type of hair artist I want to be. I understood that in order to become a great I had to make life changing changes. 

Personal hygiene is a priority and fitness is a daily dose. The struggle made me ambitious and striving for excellence named me "Flawless".
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